SUP board rental

SUP or stand up paddling is easy and accessible activity. Depending on your skills, physical fit and goals it can be both - recreation and sports. Latvia, with its many rivers, lakes, canals and sea, is perfect to SUP alone, with family or in groups. SUP can also be used for training, do your regular sports routine on SUP and train a sense of balance and deep muscles. is constantly improving and updating the range of SUP boards. We can offer you inflatable SUP boards, which you can easily take with you, you will not be attached to any particular active recreation base or lake. Simply put the bag with the SUP board and its accessories in the car and drive! On our Facebook page you will also find several video tips for small SUP trips here in Riga, Latvia and Estonia.

We offer boards for short-term and long-term rent, for individual and small groups. If you are a fitness trainer and want to offer training on SUP boards, we can provide them.

Each SUP set includes:

  • Inflatable board
  • Paddle, some boards have the option to change the handle to another blade
  • Pump
  • Chair for some SUP boards
  • Leg support
  • Life jacket (we will agree on the size of the vest)

The price

Rental price for one day or 24h- € 20.00

For shorter SUP trips for 2 hours - € 10.00/h or 3 hours - € 15.00/h

When renting more than 2 SUP boards for several days, we will apply discount.


We are based in Riga, book SUP boards and we will agree on the delivery place. When renting our SUP boards, you can go to any water tank you want in Latvia or abroad.

You will receive SUP boards in bags that can be conveniently placed in the trunk of the car. We expect to receive the full set of boards dried and packed in the bag at the agreed time and place. If renting a larger number of SUP boards in Riga or nearby, we can deliver them already inflated to your desired location.


While using SUP board, you take the full responsibility for the safety and security of yourself and the people around you.

Boarding and disembarking on the SUP board is allowed only in the water tank. We offer inflatable SUP boards that can be used only when they are fully inflated on a horizontal surface.

Please note that small children must not be left unattended on the SUP board.

The weight limit of SUP boards is 120 kg.

Sharp objects, fire and open flames should be used with caution near SUP boards.

It is forbidden to use SUP boards in adverse weather conditions — strong wind or storm, heavy rain, hail, thunderstorm.


Stand Up Paddling is a great sports or leisure activity with friends or family, as well as an interesting way to explore the area from water perspective.

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