Fixie or singe speed bike 

Call us If you want a specially designed, colorful fixie for a man, woman or a child. 

Contact us if you prefer a unique bike that is a second life of a bicycle, renewed, designed, puffed up and become stylish. Colorful or black and white, classic color combinations or impossibly bold combinations!

From time to time, we will post information on the fixies that have already been made and on sale on Facebook page. But if you have an idea about color combinations and the look of your special bike — let’s get in touch!

The price

The price depends on the chosen parts and designs, but it is in average € 200.00.


There are two ways to get your own fixie from

  • When we have a bike ready, we put it on our Facebook page and you call, come and test it and drive home with it. 
  • But it will be much more convenient if you call or write and we make a bike just for you!

Design choices

When ordering a fixie from us you will be able to choose:

  • Tire color from the samples
  • Frame color
  • Frame type and size (you can also bring your own frame, we might use it)
  • Assemblies of parts such as handles, seat, brake cables, etc.

Depending on the availability of parts, we will try to make the fixie you want.


Order your own special fixie and we will do our best to fulfill your vision of its design.  Please take into account that we make the bicycle from good parts left over from other bicycles, we supplement them with new parts.

Call and book: +371 299 303 27 | write and book: | follow and contact us on Facebook: