Small group trips to ski resort in Sweden 

We organize trips to the ski and snowboard resort in Sweden, Åre. Whether you are skiing or snowboarding, beginner or pro, this resort offers great opportunities to express yourself and enjoy the snow. Åre is one of the largest ski resorts in Scandinavia, with 89 slopes supported by 42 lifts. You will enjoy quality green, blue, red and black slopes.

A trip to Åre together with is on offer every year from November to April. Trips take place in small groups - up to 8 people. We take responsibility for all organizational aspects, travel and accommodation. You - for booking a trip and enjoying it!  

The Price

The price of the trip is specified for each group, depending on the seasonal offers for ferries and apartments. The approximate price per person is € 350.00.

The price includes the costs of: ferry, cabins, breakfast on the ferry (round trip), apartments, final cleaning in apartments.

Additional costs: dinner on the ferry (round trip), all meals in the resort, ski equipment, ski-pass.

Booking a trip

There are two ways to book this trip:

  • Follow the information on our Facebook page, where we inform about the new groups.
  • Or - call, write to us with your preferred travel time and, if possible, we will form a group at that time.

Due to Covid-19 limitations, we do not form groups this season. But we are constantly monitoring changes in restrictions to be ready and go when the opportunity arises. If you want to go with us and your work, study, family life allows you to react quickly and start the trip in a few days, contact us and we will come back to you as soon as we can go.

About the trip

The trip lasts 7 days, you will enjoy 5 full days of downhill skiing or snowboarding. We travel by ferry and bus. We live in apartments.


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