Hot tub rental

A fully equipped tub is the must-have for children's parties, romantic evenings, restful moments after hard work or sports, or just to have fun with friends. It is an opportunity to relax from everyday run!

And you don't have to go anywhere! Call or write us, book a tub at the time you want, and we will deliver the tub directly to the place of your choice. You will have to fill it with water, warm it up, turn on the music or bubbles, and most importantly - enjoy it!

The tub is equipped with:

  • bluetooth 
  • music
  • cup/glass holders
  • colorful led lighting inside
  • lighting around the perimeter
  • hydro massage with SPA bubbles
  • wood trim

The price

The rental price of the tub starts from € 45.00, depending on the day of the week, the duration of the rental and the holidays.

  • SUN, MON, TUE, WED, THU - € 45.00
  • FRI, SAT, on public holidays - € 50.00
  • Weekend (Friday - Sunday) - € 90.00
  • Long weekend (Friday - Monday) - € 120.00

The rental price does not include delivery costs. Delivery in Riga is free of charge, but outside Riga - € 0.30 / km.

The tub is very demanded on holidays such as Midsummer, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Plan these days well ahead of time and book the tub. Prices on these holidays differ from the regular days, contact us and we will agree on the terms.


We deliver the hot tube to the place of your choice - a garden, yard or other area where it is allowed and can be placed.

The rental is from 3PM to 12PM next day.  If you want to rent the tub on other times, call us and we will do our best to agree on convenient terms for you.

The tub is delivered and used with the whole trailer. Please make sure that it fits and can be placed in your territory. The diameter of the tub is 2m, the width of the trailer is 2.5m.


The tub is designed for up to 6 persons.

Water filling time is about 1 hour, depending on the water pressure in your location.

The water is heated by an outdoor wood-burning stove. Water heating time is about 1.5 - 2.5 hours, depending on the outdoor air temperature. In cold winter it takes a little bit more time than in summer.

The tub has steps to the platform. We will provide an extension cord to connect music and lighting.


A hot tub or bubble bath is for fun or recreation in nature.Use it in the children's parties, friends' parties, hen and stag parties, romantic relaxation for two, relaxation after sports activities and other events or just a regular day. In all occasions hot tub always turns to be a key attraction of the event. 

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